Terms and Conditions Palac Jugowice

Terms and Conditions Hotel Palac Jugowice

1. General Conditions

When you book accommodation at Palac Jugowice then you agree with the under mentioned conditions. When making a reservation is confirmation that you have read the conditions. The conditions apply to all guests who stay in Hotel Palac Jugowice**** Główna 4, 58-321 Jugowice.

2. Rental Agreement

The agreement between guest and Palac Jugowice applies to the hire of the suite. The price which you pay for the suite includes utilities (gas, water and electricity), tourist tax and the final cleaning. Palac Jugowice charges no extra costs if they are not mentioned on this website. The bed linen and bath towels are also included in the price.

3. Reservation

Reservation at Hotel Palac Jugowice is possible through the reservation module on this website. As well as this can make a reservation through the appropriate form, by sending an e-mail to info@palacjugowice.com or by telephone. When making a telephone reservation you will receive an e-mail as confirmation. Only then is your reservation complete.

4. Payment

You may choose to make your payment directly through PayPal (if you book online via our bookings module). When you choose the option to pay at the hotel, then we would like to receive your credit card details (complete number, name, expiry date and CVC code).

5. Cancellation conditions

Deposit is a non-returnable form of payment. In the event of cancellation of the reservation, the amount paid will be forfeited. You may cancel or adjust your stay at Hotel Palac Jugowice without charge up to three days before time of arrival (according to the current availability).

6. Check in procedure

You can check in at 15:00 on the day of arrival. You should check out at 11:00 on the day of departure. If you have not determined on which day you wish to leave, then we will presume that you will rent the room for another day if you have not checked out before 11:00. We try, whenever possible, to take into account with an eventual extension. Earlier check in is possible, but is dependent on the availability of your suite, therefore, we cannot guarantee this service. Should you arrive earlier then you can leave your baggage with us and make use of the facilities of the hotel. When you check in you can be asked to provide your identity documents. You should be able to show these at all times.

7. Departure

During the check in shall the staff of Palac Jugowice inform you about how you have return your key card upon your departure. If you lose the key card then we are obliged to charge you 50 zł. Should you leave the hotel then give your key to the reception to avoid losing it. A later check out is possible upon demand. Once again this depends upon the availability of the suite.

8. Quietness during the night

We assume that the guests show respect for the staff and for each other. Especially quite during the night is for us very important. Hence, do we ask that you are quite between 22:00 and 07:00 in the hall ways and the suites.

9. Responsibility for the suites

Guests are obliged to leave the suite in the same condition as when they arrived. If a guest discovers damage which has not been seen by the staff of Palac Jugowice, then this should be reported at once. If damage is caused by the guest in the suite, then is he/she financially responsible. Eventual costs can, in the case these have not been reported, be charged later to the guest. When the guest leaves the suite we kindly request that the windows be closed, to turn off the TV and radio, turn off the taps and to check that the door is closed correctly. If the staff of Palac Jugowice find that a guest does not abide by the rules, they can impose a fine or in extreme situations request that the guest leaves the hotel.

10. Smoking

Smoking in the hotel rooms, hall, staircases and reception is forbidden. A transgression of this rule will result in a fine of 500 zł.

11. Price amendments

Palac Jugowice reserves the right to amend the prices without prior knowledge. When you have already made a booking, the amount applies on the confirmation which is mentioned on your invoice.

12. Children

Of course children are always welcome at Hotel Palac Jugowice. We have a number of travel cots at our disposal, these have to be reserved in advance and the number is limited. You can reserve the travel cots without charge. When the travel cots are no longer available, we are forced to put an extra bed in the suite. An extra bed costs 150 zł per stay.

13. Pets

Pets aren’t allowed in Hotel Palac Jugowice. Pets aren’t allowed in the hotel restaurant and the Sauna-Spa area.

14. Other services

At the request of the guest there are free services offered. For instance you can receive information about the surroundings, there is a wake-up service available and the guest can deposit money or other valuables in a safe place. Please note, in case of large amounts of money or very valuable items the management reserves the right to refuse the request.

15. Technical malfunctions

If the guest for whatever reason has problems with technical malfunctions in one of the suites then we will try to solve this as soon as possible. Our aim is that within 24 hours from the moment of notice of the malfunction a solution will be found. Should the situation need more time, then we can transfer the guest to another suite.

16. Safety of your personal property.

Hotel Palac Jugowice cannot be held responsible for loss or damages to money or other valuables if these have not been deposited in our safe. Further is the hotel not responsible for damages or loss to your car on the parking area. Should you, after your departure leave personal items in your suite, then we will try after being informed, to send it to you by post within 24 hours. However, if we do not receive any notice, then the forgotten items will be stored for a maximum of 3 months, after which time they will be disposed of.

17. Personal data

The guest agrees with the processing of personal data according to the Polish law (Dz, U. nr 133 z 1997 r., poz. 883 z pozn. zm). Personal data will only be used with the aim for the guest lists of Hotel Palac Jugowice to be as complete as possible. Data will not be sold to a third party. The guest has the right to view the data and when necessary to correct it.

18. Complaints

Of course we do everything in our power that the guests have no complaints about their stay in Hotel Palac Jugowice. Is this well the case, then we would like to receive a written notice within 48 hours (via mail: info@palacjugowice.com). We do our utmost best to treat these complaints in the best possible way. Should the matter not be resolved, then can the disputes between Hotel Palac Jugowice and the guest through the courts be disputed. The Polish law is applied in the matter of all disputes.

19. Other conditions

  • The number of overnight guests in a suite may not be more than the number which is known by the staff of Hotel Palac Jugowice. When exceeding this number Palac Jugowice has the right to ask for a remuneration for each extra person or to cancel the reservation immediately without any form of restitution.
  • Do not leave valuable articles behind in the suite. Hotel Palac Jugowice is not liable for loss or damage.

Have you still got questions about these general conditions? Then fill in the contact form. Enjoy your stay at Palac Jugowice and discover the beauty of Poland!