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Body treatments

Does your body need relaxation? Let yourself be pampered with one of our different body treatments. Have a complete rest at Palac Jugowice Luxury Spa and release all that stress. This is your moment, enjoy it!

Wellness treatments

    Gold & Pearls body treatment (120 min)

    The Gold and Pearls body treatment is an anti-aging treatment, whereby gold, pearls and champagne are the perfect elements for keeping a youthful appearance and a silky and radiant skin. Gold stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, which softens and strengthens the skin. Gold also hydrates the deeper layers of the skin and has a calming effect on irritations.

Body treatments

    Enzymacid Body (45 min)

    Dermocosmetic treatment contains 4 acids. This is the alternative for medical peeling, acting as a microdermabrasion, chemical peeling or enzymatic peeling. This peeling improves the skin condition: removes dead epidermic cells immediately, smoothes and lightens the skin, stimulates tissue regeneration and improves skin firmness. It is a perfect solution for discolourations, excessive pigmentation, thick epidermal layer, surface spots, scars and shallow wrinkles.

    This treatment is ideal for evening events, meetings or banquets.

    Lipo Drainge 3D (75 min)

    This treatment replaces surgical intervention in achieving modeling and slimming of legs. This treatment is for women with cellulite, heavy legs syndrome with accompanying pain and swelling. The effects of relief, reduction of swelling, drainage and cellulite reduction are immediately visible.

    The aim of this treatment is the inhibition of adipose tissue development, detox of tissues, vasoconstriction and improvement of venous circulation.

    Apple relaxation (70 min)

    A relaxing treatment with extracts of apples. Apples are the source of polyphenols and unsaturated fatty acids, which help to soften the skin and to reinforce the protective function. In addition, apples contain the component pectin. Pectin regulates the amount of water in the skin, making the skin look radiant.

    The treatment consists of: an exotic salt exfoliation and a relaxing full body massage in apple jelly.

    Sushi Body Regeneration (45 min)

    Sushi Body regeneration is especially for dehydrated skin with loss of firmness. This treatment nourishes the skin and provides an immediate effect in terms of color, appearance and hydration.

    The treatment consists of: a creamy rice scrub for the entire body and massage lotion that soothes the skin.


Massage Festival

    Chocolate delicacy (70 min)

    This unique chocolate elixir strengthens and moisturizes the skin. A full-body massage with 100% warm chocolate. It is a treat for all senses.

    Aroma therapy body massage (45/60/90 min.)

    The most effective and pleasant way to improve our health, mood and condition. With the application of individually chosen scents with a base of sweet almond oil. A special experience.

    Aromatherapy massage – facial, head and neck treatment (35 min.)

    Shiatsu massage. Relax completely and eliminate fatigue. This treatment has a positive contribution to the serenity.

    Therapeutic massage (30 min.)

    Problem with stiffness, tension and muscle pain? This massage generates warmth and ensures the muscles relax and accelerates the removal of toxic products from the metabolism.

    Foot massage (25 min.)

    Excellent massage for tired feet.


Consultation with individual exercises 60,00 zł85 zł (€ 15,-)
Consultation with individual exercises + taping105 zł (€ 25,-)

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