Zagorze Slaskie Palac Jugowice

Zagorze Slaskie

Zagorze Slaskie was founded as a settlement of Grodno Castle. In the first instance the village had the same name as the castle. It is therefore difficult to retrieve out of the history documents if there was spoken about the village or about the castle. Later the name of the village was changed and Zagorze Slaskie received a more prominent tourist function. This actually began when the Bystrzyckie Lake was created.

Bystrzyckie Lake

The Bystrzyckie Lake was created through the constant flooding in this region of Zagorze Slaskie. Eventually it was decided to build a dam to keep the water under control. The dam is now also used for the generation of power. But more important, in this region you can hike. There are several routes around the lake and in the nearby hills. The reservoir that is surrounded by little wooden huts, which date out of the communist era, is beautiful. Especially in the weekends is it very busy in this region with day trippers and tourists who come to complete rest in this green setting. Wander quietly round the reservoir. The view is impressive.

A visit to Zagorze Slaskie is really worth it. The beauty of the nature will amaze you.

  • Distance from Palac Jugowice: 3 km

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