Wroclaw zoo Palac Jugowice

Wroclaw zoo

Wroclaw zoo is a scientific zoo. In 1865 was this zoo founded as Zoological Garden Breslau and is in such the oldest in Poland. Next to this is it the zoo with the greatest number of animals, about 7100 animals belonging to 565 types. The surface area is about 33 acres and you can locate the zoo in the centre of Wroclaw.


The Wroclaw zoo has a clear mission in sight. Since the begin of the 20th century namely few new animal species have been discovered. When a new kind is discovered, is that unfortunately an endangered species. By keeping a number in the zoo they will not become extinct. The mission is therefore to keep the biological diversity as large as possible. In the zoo are diverse animal species which are threatened with extinction, it is the intention to give these animals as good a life as possible. The motto of Wroclaw zoo is then: “We are not capable of saving as many animals as we would wish, but we save more animals than if we did nothing at all”.

The Wroclaw zoo is still being extended, and when you are in the neighbourhood we highly recommend you to pay a visit.

  • Prices: Adults 30 zł. Family card (2 adults 2/3 children) 85 zł
  • Zygmunta Wroblewskiego 1-5, Wroclaw
  • Distance from Palac Jugowice: 75 km, approximately 1,5 hour

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