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Swidnica is an historical trading town of more than 800 years old in the south west of Poland. With 60.000 inhabitants it is one of the larger towns of Lower Silesia. The picturesque located town has a number of famous churches, such as the Church of Peace which was built in 1655. But there are also various exciting museums and in the old centre is for everyone enough to see. The centre of the town is on the edge encircled by eleven different beautiful parks. Here are regularly events and festivals held. Swidnica breaths culture! The town is 53 kilometres from Wroclaw, the capital of this region.

Strategic location

Swidnica is situated close to the borders of Czech Republic and Germany, located on the most important trade route from southern Germany to Kiev. The town fulfilled an important function as capital in the time of the Piast Dynasty. During the communist regime the town had an important function as an army base for the Russians. History has seen to it that Swidnica has a strong economy. On the one hand this is because of the interference of the local government but on the other hand the multicultural character of the town has pulling power. For this reason namely still more big international companies establish themselves in Swidnica.


The centre of the town is encircled former houses of the former wealthy people. We advise you to take the Duke’s route, this leads you pass the most beautiful places in the town. Namely you can find here baroque stone sculptures worked into the walls, but there are also influences out of the Renaissance period to be found. With its 103 meters stands in Swidnica the highest church tower in Lower Silesia. On the first Sunday of the month there is a big antique market in the centre of the town. For lovers is this certainly worth a visit. At the tourist information centre on the Market Square of Swidnica you can collect several maps. There are different routes on them and the most important places are marked.

Do not wait any longer – Swidnica is inviting you!

  • Distance from Palac Jugowice: 21 km approximately 30 minutes

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