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Shopping in Wroclaw

You can do some excellent shopping in Wroclaw. There are different shopping centres which are provided with every need. The shopping centres are spread out through the whole of the town. In the centre of Wroclaw, three centres are situated at walking distance from each other. The first, and directly also the oldest shopping centre of the town, is Renoma. In this centre you will find several modern brands such as Hugo Boss, Esprit and Adidas. The second big shopping centre is only a couple of streets further along, this is Arkady Wroclawskie. Here also are several big brand names, but also cosy restaurants, cafes and even a big cinema. The most important attraction of this centre is the sculpture of Salvador Dali. Next to this is a big aquarium of 12 meters which links different levels to each other. The third shopping centre which lies in the vicinity of the town centre of Wroclaw is Galeria Dominikanska. This shopping centre is situated close to the Market Square and accommodates about 100 shops, many coffee shops and restaurants. Here can you also find big brand names such as Pepe Jeans, Nike and Bennetton.

Centres outside the town centre

The rest of the shopping centres are situated outside the town centre but are easy to reach, eventually even by public transport. The first, Pasaz Grunwaldzki, is popular with the local inhabitants. It has many shops, restaurants and a cinema. On the other side of the town is Magnolia Park, this is the biggest centre of Lower Silesia. With 74.400 square meters, 230 shops, different snack bars, restaurants, and a 5D cinema you can easily spend a part of the day here.


You can buy antiques in many places in Wroclaw. Through the whole of the town are markets where you can find antique books, jewellery and furniture. Also in the antique shops can fans relish it here, there are namely regularly gems to be found. Do not forget that if you buy an antique which is more than 50 years old you need permission to take it out of the country. Further, check for the authenticity certificate.


Are you looking for typical souvenirs from Poland, Lower Silesia, or Wroclaw? Then we have a number of tips for you. Of course there are many gadgets to buy with the red and white flag with the Polish eagle. The Gnomes of Wroclaw are the symbol of the town and here can you also find in different places nice small presents. Further there are hand made products such as crocheted table cloths, napkins, wooden figures, porcelain, glass, products of sheep’s wool (such as shoes and pullovers) and amber jewellery that are typical products of this region of Poland.

Cash exchange

Finally: The Polish currency is the “zloty”. You can choose to, before you visit Poland, exchange money. If you change money yourself in Poland you can do this at one of the many exchange offices (Kantor’s). Of course you can get cash at the different ATMs in Wroclaw.

Should you have other specific questions, then you can of course always go to our reception. We will gladly help you further.

  • Distance from Palac Jugowice: 75 km, approximately 1,5 hour

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