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Park Szczytnicki

Park Szczytnicki is located in the east of Wroclaw. It is one of the largest parks of the town and is about 100 acres. The main attraction in the park is the Japanese garden (Ogrod Japonski). This garden was built in 1913 by the Japan lover, count Fritz van Hochberg, together with the Japanese gardener Mankichi Arai. In 1996, the park was restored with the help of Japanese experts, in the area of gardens, architecture and stones. Hereby is the park built up with the finest details, and has all the elements of an original Japanese garden.

The park

You enter the garden through the decorated main gate and you stand at once in a wide lane. Through this lane you arrive in the centre of the garden, also the most known point. A beautiful bridge which joins the two parts of the garden with each other.

Water show

Park Szczytnicki is also known for its famous water shows, synchronised with music. The shows are held in the summer and there are no charges attached. The shows take place near the fountain on the terrain of the Centennial Hall.

  • Distance from Palac Jugowice: 73 km, approximately 1.5 hour

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