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Nowa Ruda

Nowa Ruda (Neurode) is a town in the south-west of Poland, on the border with the Czech Republic and lies on the river Wtodzica in the Owl Mountains. The town is located on the former trading route from the Czech Republic to Lower Silesia (Poland); from Nowa Ruda is Germany also within easy reach. In Nowa Ruda it seems as if the time has stood still for a number of years.

Former mining town

The town is a former mining town, but it is also known as the town of the industry. The first mention of the existence of Nowa Ruda coal mine dates from the year 1434. The coal mine has placed its stamp on the history of the town. For example during the Second World War there was a disaster in the mine “Ruben”, 187 coal miners were killed. Notwithstanding the different disasters the (textile) industry and the mines remained the most popular places to work for the inhabitants of Nowa Ruda. The history, with the mines in the leading role, you still can find in the town, in spite of the fact that the last mine was closed in 1994. In 2000 were also the textile factories closed, which still has resulted in high unemployment.

Tourist town

Nowa Ruda is an attractive and picturesque little place. In the surroundings is much to see for tourists. Culturally with different churches, but many other monumental buildings. Of course the mines are also a part of the tourist attractions in Nowa Ruda. At the moment there has been a special tourist route opened. The tour begins with the foundation of the mine and how the former museum used to look like. Next to this you can look at the mining equipment and there is an outside train with railcars, often besieged by tourists taking pictures.

  • Distance from Palac Jugowice: 24 km, approximately 35 minutes

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