Ksiaz Castle Palac Jugowice

Ksiaz Castle

Ksiaz Castle is the third largest castle in Poland and is located on a majestic rock next to the river Pelcznica. The castle is surrounded by woods within a beautiful nature area. Because the castle is at 395 meters above sea level is it also called ‘The Pearl of Lower Silesia’. Such a location is unique within Europe.

The history

The building of the castle started in the year 933. There remains little of the original contents, after it was plundered in the Second World War. What did remain of art treasures and antique furniture the Russians destroyed during the communism. Nowadays is the castle and the surrounding gardens open to the public. The Maximillian hall, Chinese hall, Italian hall, Green hall and Hunting hall give a good idea what the castle used to look like. Ksiaz Castle is a part of the Project Riese that Hitler started in the Second World War. The whole estate upon which the castle is located is pierced with tunnels which were dug during the Second World War by forced labourers. The castle is encircled by twelve garden terraces.

The castle

Ksiaz Castle is classified as historic building. In the castle are a gallery and two restaurants. The castle is open all year. At the former horse stables of the castle is a horse riding centre with a herd of stallions. Annually there are horse trading markets held of Silesia stallions which attract experts and buyers from the whole world.


Visitors are fascinated by the grandeur and the castle building. Next to this are the turbulent history and the unique picturesque surroundings reason why Ksiaz Castle is a place that you have to visit.

  • Address: Ul Piastów Śląskich 1, 58-306 Wałbrzych
  • Distance from Palac Jugowice: 18 km, approximately 25 minutes

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