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Hiking in Poland

You can have some splendid walks in Lower Silesia, the most beautiful routes are in the Sleza nature reserve. The Sleza mountain is the mountain with its 718 meters, towers above the landscape. Long ago, in the 6th century this mountain was a holy place for the ‘Hathen’ and ‘Lusatiaanse’ tribes. The mountain was considered holy by population groups from the Christian era. The name Sleza comes from an old Slavic word which means ‘wet and damp place’.

Sleza reserve

There are various parking places from where you can begin your trip to the top. Near the little place of Sulistrowice stands a beautiful wooden church that you can visit. From the church there is a route to a spring with holy water. There are different splendid hiking routes to be found in the area, but if you are an experienced climber, then we advise you about the route of the red bear near the small town of Sobotka. You can park your car and take a hike of about one and half hour. This route does not go to the top, but does go past a beautiful little church and an viewpoint.

Owl mountains

In the Owl Mountains there are more hiking routes which go to the top, which has a height of 1015 meters. The nicest place to begin the route is at the small town of Kamionki. If you drive through this town you arrive naturally in the mountains. You can park your car and then walk a splendid route through the mountains. This route takes about two hours. At the top there is a watch tower, where on a clear day the view is breath taking.


Very close to Palac Jugowice lies Rzeczka. In the winter is this place suitable for winter sports. In the summer there are a number of routes for hiking. You can also take a nice trip in the car in these surroundings. It is for you to choose.

Of course you can get more information about the hiking routes at the hotel reception.

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