Gross Rosen Palac Jugowice

Gross Rosen

Gross Rosen is a former concentration camp, situated south of the village Rogoznica in Neder-Silezie. The camp was set up in August 1941. In the beginning was Gross Rosen a section of the concentration camp Sachsenhausen. From 1 May 1942 it became independent. Gross Rosen was, just like the Walim mines, Ksiaz Castle and Grodno Castle a part of Project Riese of Hitler.

Concentration camp

Gross Rosen was a camp that predominantly was set up for the Project Riese. The heavy work gave the camp a murderous character. Many of the prisoners (Jews from all over Europe and gypsies from Russia) have worked at different locations in Lower Silesia, among others in the Walim mines. Here worked the people on a underground complex, people think that here an underground weapon factory was to be built and a future headquarters for Hitler himself. Till February 1945 125.000 people arrived in Gross Rosen, 40.000 of them died there.

Open Air Museum

Part of the camp is an open air museum. You can see the ruins of the crematorium, there is a scaffold to be found and the foundations which remain of the barracks. There is also a building with an exhibition with photographs of the daily life of the prisoners and objects that people used during the digging in the quarry. You can also watch a video exhibition about the life in the concentration camp. The entrance to the museum is free. Only a tour with a guide has to be paid. Children younger then 13 are not allowed into the museum.

  • Prices: 3 zł for parking
  • Opening hours: 10:00 – 19:00
  • Address: poczta 58-152 Goczałków Rogoźnica, województwo dolnośląskie
  • Distance from Palac Jugowice: 40 km, approximately 1 hour

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