Grodno Castle Palac Jugowice

Grodno Castle

There are many castles in Lower Silesia, but Grodno Castle is certainly worth a visit. The castle is located 450 meters above sea level in the northern part of the Owls Mountain. The history of the castle is not well known, many documents have been lost. A legend says that Grodno Castle in the year 800 was founded by an English knight. The first saved documents about the castle come from the year 1315. It is known that the castle at the end of the 13th century was extended and that afterwards in came into the hands of the Czech throne. After this the castle had a private owner. In the Thirty Years War the castle was plundered and for the most part destroyed. The following owner also neglected the building. In 1869 one of the towers burnt down due to a strike of lightening. After the Second World War the castle has been restored several times, these proceedings are still being carried out.

Present function

The castle has several functions. First of all it is a tourist information office. You can find information here about the whole region. Next to this the castle is used as a gallery for art exhibitions and you can buy art. You can also hire a part of Grodno Castle for feasts and party’s. in short lots of history and enjoyment at just 2 kilometres distance from Palac Jugowice.

  • Prices: adults 10 zł and children 7 zł
  • Grodno Castle is in the months of October and April opened: 09:00 – 17:00 (Monday up to Friday) and 09:00 – 18:00 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Distance from Palac Jugowice: 2 km

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