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Gnomes of Wroclaw

Attentive tourists will quickly see that here and there little bronze men are scattered around the town, these are the Gnomes of Wroclaw. The first statue was placed in 2001, in honour of the ludic resistance movement “Orange Alternative”, who used the gnome as their symbol. Since then there has been gradually many new gnome figurines been placed and the popularity has grown enormously.

Through the whole town

Many gnomes are made by artists from whole Poland and placed through and by businesses and offices. Every hotspot in the town wanted their own gnome. You can for example find gnomes in different restaurants, the bureau for population register, the University of Wroclaw and on the roof of a tram. A funny fact: In three streets together the gnomes are placed that are climbing up a lamp post, they are called Slupniki. Also in a fountain by the Puppet theatre you can find seven gnomes. In 2008 were the first three female gnomes placed and the fourth female gnome followed in 2009. In 2012 are there more than 220 gnomes to be found. In 2013 is that even more than 250.

Walking routes

The gnomes of Wroclaw have become a true symbol of the town. If you want to see all the different gnomes, you can buy a map with the routes. The map is for sale in the book shop or by the tourist office on the Ring next to the library, at the undermentioned address.

  • Address: Rynek 14, Wroclaw
  • Distance from Palac Jugowice: 75 km, approximately 1,5 hour

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