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Botanical garden Wroclaw

For those who during their visit to Wroclaw would like to escape for a while from the bustle, there is Botanical Garden Wroclaw. This is without a doubt the most beautiful botanical garden of Poland. The garden was created between 1811 and 1816 and after the Second World War carefully restored. It is the second oldest botanical garden in Poland, after that of Krakow. The garden is planted on a river bed where the Oder used to run.

Place to relax

The garden was in the first instance planted for scientific purposes and belonged originally to the University of Wroclaw. The Botanical Garden Wroclaw has the nickname, “oasis of beauty and rest in the heart of the town”. Meanwhile is the garden for the inhabitants of Wroclaw the favourite place to relax. Tourists also are gladly drawn to the garden because the manicured landscape gives a restful effect. You do not have the idea that you are walking around in the centre of a town. In the garden there are no less than 7000 different sort of plants and it is just a living museum. You can easily walk around for an hour and enjoy the beauty which the Botanical Garden provides. On the terrain there is, next to all the natural beauty, also a plant shop and a café.

  • Prices: 15 zł
  • Opening times: 1 April up to and including the end of November – depending on the weather conditions.
  • Address: ul. Henryka Sienkiewicza 23, Wroclaw 50-353
  • Distance from Palac Jugowice: 75 km, approximately 1,5 hour

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