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The Auschwitz complex is made up of three sections: Auschwitz I, the concentration camp known because of the lurid text above the entrance: “Arbeit macht frei”. Auschwitz II (Birenau) better known as the annihilation camp. The third section, Monowitz, was the work camp. Only the concentration camp and the annihilation camp (Auschwitz I and II) are open to tourists.

Auschwitz I

Auschwitz I is the first camp that the Nazi’s opened in this region. This camp was for men and women and there was significantly experimented on different ways to kill people. Here arrived the first mass transports with Jews, who were then massacred. Prisoners where shot without any reason. In this part of the of the camp was also the office compound of the SS officers. From here the further extension of the complex was planned.

Auschwitz II

In Birkenau the Nazi’s had placed most of the machines of mass destruction. Through these machines were about one million European Jews put to death. At the same time was Birkenau the largest concentration camp with about 300 primitive, mostly wooden, sheds. In 1944 there were almost one hundred thousand people imprisoned. The almost 200 acres ground contains ruins, gas chambers, crematoriums and places filled with human ashes. This area, with its’ primitive barracks’ and kilometres road and fences will leave you with a deep impression.


For a small remuneration you can see a film of 15 minutes showing the first moments after the liberation. This film is shown in the visitors centre at Auschwitz I.

A visit to the region

Take the time for a visit to Auschwitz. A visit to Auschwitz takes about 90 minutes. You need the same amount of time to visit Birkenau. We advise you to visit both camps. Namely hereby you get a picture of the atrocities which took place there. This place has become the symbol of the Holocaust and the Nazi crimes against Polish, Jews, Roma and other groups of peoples.

  • Opening hours differ per season. Click here to see the opening times.
  • Address: Auschwitz lies on the edge of the town Oswiecim on the motorway 933 ( please note: entrance to the parking lot is on Stanislawy Leszczynskiej Str. 11). The museum is about 2 kilometres from the station and from there you can make use of the local bus service.
  • Distance from Palac Jugowice: 280 km, approximately 2 hour 45 minutes. If you want to go there by yourself we think it advisable to hire a car. You can find more information.

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