Aquapark Wroclaw Palac Jugowice

Aquapark Wroclaw

Aquapark Wroclaw opened its doors in February 2008. The complex has a recreation inside and outside swimming pol, an inside (sport) swimming pool and a sauna &spa with health club. Aquapark Wroclaw is open the whole year. Up to today it is one of the best visited swimming pools in Europe.

Recreation bath

The most popular part of Aquapark Wroclaw is the recreation bath. There are here a number of attractions. There is a separate space for infants and a slide for young children. The lovers who like to have a fight with high waves, do not have to drive to the seaside. The 70 centimetre high waves are a challenge. Afterwards you can catch your breath and be carried along in the “Lazy River”. Under mentioned is a list of the most important attractions.

  • Wave bath (temperature 30° C, depth 0-200 cm);
  • Lazy River (temperature 32° C, depth 70 cm);
  • Children’s space with swimming pool (temperature 35° C, depth till 50 cm) and an infant’s bath (temperature 35° C, depth 15 cm), a pirate ship and a water canon;
  • Four Jacuzzi’s (35° C, 90 cm deep)
  • Outdoor salt water bath (temperature 32° C, 135 cm deep);
  • Outdoor recreation swimming pool (temperature 32° C, 135 cm deep)


Aquapark Wroclaw is well known for its many slides. There are slides for different age groups, there are different fast slides which are not suitable for small children on which a minimum height and age are applicable. Especially adventurous people will enjoy the Turbo slide and the Fly-High Jump slide. The first is characterized by the dizzy speed that can be reached, while the second is a sneak preview of ski jumping.

Day out for the whole family

Aquapark Wroclaw is suitable for a day out with the whole family. The complex is located close to the central station of the town. The park staff give each guest upon arrival a wrist band, which has a microchip. With this wrist band is it possible to open the lockers and acts as a rechargeable pay card for the park, the shops, restaurants and attractions.

Pay attention: Aquapark Wroclaw does not allow children to enter under the age of 12 without adult supervision.

  • Prices: a day ticket costs about 67 zł. Regularly there are discount actions.
  • Opening hours: Daily from 09:00 till 22:00.
  • Address: ul. Borowska 99, Wroclaw
  • Distance from Palac Jugowice: 65 km, approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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