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Nearby Palac Jugowice

Palac Jugowice is situated in the beautiful valley of Jugowice, Lower Silesia. The 19th century Prussian hunting lodge is with much inspiration and with an architect renovated and furnished into an accommodation where perception is paramount. This luxury hotel with diverse facilities such as the renewed restaurant and spa & wellness centre, does not know its equal in Poland.

The area nearby Palac Jugowice will surprise you. The extensive ancient forests with beautiful lakes, valleys and mountains invite you for a long walk, a ride with a mountain bike or to go skiing. The many important historic sights of the Second World War you will take to your hart, even as a visit to the towns Swidnica and Wroclaw.


Unspoilt countryside and villages… deer and wild boar… A firm walk lets you enjoy all the beauty of the surroundings that Palac Jugowice has to offer. We have mapped out the nicest routes for you. Read here more about the different hiking routes in the vicinity of the hotel.

Mountain biking

Climbing and descending on paved and unpaved roads, through the woods and villages. Discover the beautiful surroundings of Jugowice. The mountain bikes for a challenging ride can be hired from us.

Project Riese

Have an unforgettable tour along a number of impressive sights. Visit Gross Rosen, the mines of Walim and Ksiaz Castle. These places will, just like the road to it, leave a lasting impression. More information about Gross Rosen, the Mines of Walim and Ksiaz Castle and the history of these projects you can find at Project Riese.


The cultural capital of Europe in 2016, Wroclaw, lies about 75 kilometres from Palac Jugowice. This beautiful town, full of culture and history, has everything: Restaurants, art, architecture and… Gnomes! When you stay in Palac Jugowice you must not miss a visit to this town. Read here more about Wroclaw.


The old picturesque centre of Swidnica has several friendly restaurants, shops and sights of historical value. One of these, the Church of Peace, is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. A city tour through the centre of this town is a positive must. View here more tips about Swidnica.


From Palac Jugowice you can make a visit to the former concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. An emotional excursion takes you to a black period of this area. You can ask at the hotel as to the possibilities to take this excursion as an individual, or as a group. Read more about Auschwitz.

We have made a list for you of all the activities in the vicinity of the hotel. View the overview of nearby activities.