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About Lower Silesia

These last year’s Poland has experienced a growth in the number of tourists. The most important reason for this is becoming full member of the European Union (1 May 2004), because of this it has become easier for western tourists to make the journey to Poland. The whole country profits from this, the hilly areas in the south offer many possibilities for tourists. Evermore people choose for a vacation in Lower Silesia. On account of the beautiful nature in its original form. It is pleasant to take part in different activities, for example cycling, hiking and even skiing.

The province

The province Lower Silesia (Dolne Slask) is known in Poland for its beautiful nature and the rich history. The history of this area goes back to the 6th century BC. The region was then inhabited by the Celts, the settlements and the holy relics are founded around Ślęża mountain. Different tribes, of which the Silingi, where probably the name Silesia comes from, have lived in this region up to the 9th century. During the 9th and 10th century was this region a part of the Czech Republic. In 990 the first king of Poland, king Mieszko the first, (his image is on the 10 zloty banknote) conquered this region. This event was the start of the Piast dynasty which gave its identity to this region. Wroclaw is considered to be the capital of Lower Silesia.

Ukrainian roots

From 1348 up to 1526 Lower Silesia belonged to the Bohemian Kingdom. The region at that time was ruled by the Earls of Piast. After the death of king Louis II the region was transferred to the Hapsburg’s Realm. From 1742 up to the Second World War Lower Silesia belong to the Prussian. After the Second World War the German and Czech inhabitants were removed from the province and then the Polish, who lived in the regions which were occupied by the Soviet Union, came in their place. There still live many people with Ukrainian roots in Lower Silesia. There are still Czech and German minorities to be found in the region.


Jugowice is a small place in the south west of Poland. It is situated in the woody valley in the Owl Mountains. The beautiful nature is perfect for hiking and cycling lovers. Next to this there are many castles in the area you can visit. Jugowice lies about 75 kilometres from Wroclaw, the largest town in Lower Silesia. Do you want to know more about what there is to do in the immediate surroundings of Palac Jugowice? View our special page with more information about the surroundings.

Palac Jugowice

In 2012 Palac Jugowice opened her doors. This hotel concept is unique for the Polish market. The hotel is stark and luxurious furnished, the different suites evoke luxury and allure. The facilities of the hotel are suitable for both weddings and feasts as for business gatherings. In short, every visitor experiences the ultimate vacation experience. View here the facilities and services that you can find within the complex and profit from one of the deals and enjoy a lucrative stay.