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Nature of Lower Silesia

We regularly talk about the versatility of the surroundings of Palac Jugowice on this website. In our overview of day trips in the area we have extensively highlighted the different cultural attractions of Lower Silesia. Underexposed is the nature of Lower Silesia, there is namely a wealth of flora and fauna. That is why we wish to talk about this today, an excursion into nature, an excursion into nature may absolutely not be missed during your vacation in Poland.


Lower Silesia is by many people seen as one of the most attractive regions of the whole of Poland. Almost 20% of the region is made up of national parks, nature and landscape reservations and protected landscape. While at the same time the largest part of the region is still inhabited by people for farming activities.

It is further more the versatility of the area which makes it so unique. The alternation from mountain ranges, with flat areas makes it fantastic to go through it. The relatively warm climate (Lower Silesia lies in the transition area from sea to land climate) ensures that many different sorts of plants and trees are able to grow there. Just like in other places in Europe we see lots of trees in the lower regions. Especially the oak tree, beech, birch, elm, linden, ash, maple and hawthorn are here abundant. Particularly in the fields and along the edges of the forests can you enjoy the many different kinds of flowers.

As you come into the higher situated areas, is it especially the beeches which are predominately present. Because of the fertile ground there is here lots of undergrowth. The sort of undergrowth has got to do with the specific area in which you are in. in the regions above 1500 meter you find predominantly shrubby trees.


In the nature of Lower Silesia you can during your walks just encounter deer, wild boar, foxes, mouflon and a number of birds.

It becomes more difficult to find a region in Europe where you can be alone with nature, but in Lower Silesia is it still possible. Fantastic hiking of cycling. Or when there is snow, skiing or langlaufer. In the nature of Lower Silesia nature lovers can enjoy the lovely woods to their hearts content, these are interchanged with mountain ranges, beautiful rock formations and valleys with breath taking views.

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