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It’s Christmas in Poland!

The busy but yet very cozy Christmas period is already around the corner. The Christmas trees appear again and are decorated with beautiful baubles, lights, garlands, tinsel and so on. Also the  houses will be fully prepared for the dark and cold winter days. Each country has different customs and traditions during Christmas, but there is one thing they all have in common: Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!

During the Christmas period there is plenty to do, even in Poland. For example, in December there are cozy Christmas markets to visit in several cities. There you can acquaint with various Polish products, such as special cheeses, sausages and waffles. You will also find handmade clothing, decorations and of course much more.

Besides products there are also various activities to enjoy, such as Christmas choirs and plays, special exhibitions and art competitions. Often there is also a special Bible reading, entirely in Polish.

Where to find these Christmas markets?

Christmas markets are located in several Polish cities. Below we have listed a few.

Wroclaw (up to and including December 22)

This Christmas market is one of the most beautiful markets in Poland. The Market Square (Rynek Główny) is transformed into a magical place, including a huge Christmas tree, the smell of mulled wine, chocolate, gingerbread and many attractions. Also each visitor holds a special surprise! Take a look here.

Warschau (up to and including December 23)

At the Christmas market in Warsaw, you can enjoy the festive Christmas atmosphere, created by exhibitors coming from, among others, Hungary, the Netherlands, Austria and Poland. You will find delicious specialties such as Hungarian cake, Dutch waffles, German and Austrian sausages and traditional Polish Christmas cakes, cold cuts and bread. There is something for everyone! Have a look here.

Krakow (up to and including December 27)

Every year there is a Christmas market on the market square in Krakow. A beautiful location with several stalls filled with region products. Often there is a stage where exhibitions can be seen. More information is available here.

Gdansk (up to and including December 23)

Beautiful Christmas decorations, a carousel, horsed and an ice rink for children are just some of the attractions of the market in Gdansk. Exhibitors coming from countries such as Poland, Lithuania and Hungary all bring special treats along. With more than 80 stalls, attractions, beautiful lighting and animations you will experience a special day! Read more.

A short break

Are you planning to take a break during the Christmas period and do something special? Then visit one (or several) of the Christmas markets in Poland and experience the Polish Christmas atmosphere. Of course you are welcome at Palac Jugowice, to extend your stay in the charming Poland during the most beautiful time of the year! Take a look here for our opportunities.