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Holiday in Poland

Congratulations, you have chosen a holiday in Poland. The next question which directly comes to mind… Where should we spend our holiday in Poland?

Holiday destination Poland

Poland is an emerging holiday destination. Every year the number of foreign tourists increases. Poland is as vacation land still not properly discovered, this makes the travel journey for you of course extra special. We will gladly give you more information about you holiday in Poland so that you can go on your journey with a good feeling.

Poland lies in central Europe, on the Baltic. The neighbouring countries are: Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Lithuania and Russia. The country has 38 million inhabitants with a total surface area of 322.575 square kilometres.

The country has plenty of possibilities for tourists. There are several beautiful vacation regions, it is relatively cheap and safe to travel and especially in the area of nature, culture and towns has Poland so much to offer. In the south, where Palac Jugowice established is, are especially the hilly regions, the history and culture real tourist attractions. Because of the fantastic country side is it attractive to take part in different activities, for example cycling, hiking and even skiing.

The region Lower Silesia

When you are planning your holiday in Poland, then especially do not forget the region Lower Silesia. With the rich history and the beautiful country side you can have a contented heart. From the Netherlands and Belgium is this region popular with tourists who choose to go on holiday by car. Often is this region also the starting point for a trip around Poland or through a part of the Czech Republic.

The capital town of Lower Silesia is Wroclaw, this town has 635.000 inhabitants and is centrally situated in the region. This strategic location, the rich history, the many sights and the fact that the town has its own airport, make it a very popular destination among tourists. At the same time is Wroclaw European Cultural Capital in 2016 with as theme Vrots-love.

However, the region as so much more to offer. In the Second World War it played a prominent part in Hitler’s plans. The remains of the buildings and camps are very imposing to visit.

Also for the lovers of an active vacation in the nature is Lower Silesia the ideal spot. By car you ride very quickly to beautiful places where you can begin a cycling trip or a hiking route. The hilly terrain makes it a sport challenge and once you have reached the top you can enjoy the breath taking views. In the winter there are possibilities for winter sport, the area is extremely suitable to ski or snowboarding, but even more so to langlauf.

It is an impossible task to list all the sights of Lower Silesia. However, to give you some idea of all there is to do, we have made an overview with nearby tips so that you can have some inspiration before your holiday.

Hotel Palac Jugowice

As far as an overnight stay in Lower Silesia you have countless possibilities. However, if you want to an overnight in a unique hotel during your vacation in Poland? Then you are at the right address at Hotel Palac Jugowice. In style, design and facilities Palac Jugowice does not have its equal in Poland. In the spacious furnished, romantic suites you will experience guaranteed a delicious stay. You will enjoy luxury, with a broad offer of facilities and services, such as the fantastic restaurant and a Spa & Wellness centre. As for the restaurant and the Spa & Wellness centre you can of course use these without staying at the hotel. But an all-inclusive stay is of course more advantageous. Would you like an idea how Palac Jugowice looks? View then our photo gallery or already discover the surroundings of the hotel through the virtual tour.

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Apart from the above mentioned possibilities is Palac Jugowice a location which is very suitable for business conferences and for feasts, parties and weddings. Our team will gladly make made to measure suggestions will take the further organisation of the event out of your hands. The only thing you have to do is enjoy all the beauties that Poland has to offer.

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