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In the blog archive you can find and overview of all the articles which have appeared on our website.

  • Capital of Culture 2016 Wroclaw Blog Palac Jugowice

    5 Reasons why you should visit the Capital of Culture 2016

    Every year the European Parliament elect an European Capital of Culture. In 2016 the Polish city Wroclaw will get the chance to show itself. It is a great opportunity for the city to show its wonderful and unique culture

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  • Hidden Treasures Blog Palac Jugowice

    A series of hidden treasures

    A discovery which would be similar to the finding of the Titanic. 100 Meters long, heavily secured and loaded with an invaluable amount of treasures… Poland is excited about a mysterious train that is found recently by two treasure hunters in the South-western city Walbrzych,

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  • 10 years Pollux Blog Palac Jugowice

    10 Years Pollux

    With a group of 18 people, a large contingent of the Dutch team departed from Roosendaal to Poland, to celebrate the 10 Year jubilee of Pollux. For a number of colleagues a new experience, for others a trip to the country of

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  • Nature of Lower Silesia

    We regularly talk about the versatility of the surroundings of Palac Jugowice on this website. In our overview of day trips in the area we have extensively highlighted the different cultural attractions of Lower Silesia. Underexposed is the nature of

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  • Frequently asked questions Blog Palac Jugowice

    Frequently asked questions

    A complete new website, we could not have started the new year in a better way. An important addition to this new site is our blog. We try regularly, with each new article, to give you a peek in the kitchen at Palac Jugowice. Today we kick

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