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A series of hidden treasures

A discovery which would be similar to the finding of the Titanic. 100 Meters long, heavily secured and loaded with an invaluable amount of treasures… Poland is excited about a mysterious train that is found recently by two treasure hunters in the South-western city Walbrzych, close to Palac Jugowice. But there is more. Polish experts believe that this treasure is not the only one to be found. One talks about a series of hidden treasures!

Disappeared without a trace

Specialists report that the train which is found, is one of the three trains that drove into Walbrzych in January 1945, but have disappeared without a trace. The train is armoured, which indicates a special loading of probably gold, artwork and documents relating to the World War II. It is not known if the inestimable loading is actually in this specific train. But, it is possible that the loading is hidden in one of the more heavier protected trains that are somewhere situated in the tunnel complex. The two treasure hunters that found the vehicle do believe that this is the right train. They demand 10% of the loot that would hold this mysterious train.

Secrets from the tunnel complex

How can a train like this remained hidden for so long? People believe that a former soldier who then helped to hide the vehicle, has revealed the secret about the location on his deathbed. And it is true, special radar images seem to confirm the story. The 100 meter long train can be seen on a track in a tunnel between Wroclaw and Walbrzych.

Giant projects

The tunnel is part of the Riese Project (‘giant’ in German), an underground tunnel system that was built in the Second World War by the Germans. The reason these hidden treasures are in this part of Poland is another component of this project, the Książ Castle. Rumour has it that Hitler wanted to establish his headquarters here. Rooms were built up and made in order for his arrival. Also an extensive tunnel complex was built to hide treasures such as gold, artwork and documents, but also to hide weapon production. The idea was to come back later to pick up these treasures. But when the Soviet army had occupied Walbrzych, the Germans fled. The idea to come back to pick up the hidden treasures, never became reality.

Golden temptation

The discovery of the train, and possible several more, attracts many gold seekers to Lower Silesia. Yet it is a case of entering at own risk. Zuchowski, Secretary of Culture, has called upon everyone to stop searching. There may be hidden mines or other explosives on the trains, so it may be very dangerous.

The tunnel system is immense. One assumes that there is even 30 percent of the tunnels that is undetected (partly due to danger of collapse). However, some parts are accessible to tourists. One of the entrances to the complex is in Walim, located near Hotel Palac Jugowice. Are you like the gold seekers curious about the mysterious train and the hidden treasures and do you want to see the mysterious dark corridors of this gigantic project with your own eyes? Have a look at our offer and imagine you in the world of the treasure hunters.