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5 Reasons why you should visit the Capital of Culture 2016

Every year the European Parliament elect an European Capital of Culture. In 2016 the Polish city Wroclaw will get the chance to show itself. It is a great opportunity for the city to show its wonderful and unique culture to the rest of the world. An additional bonus: the city is about 75 kilometres away from Palac Jugowice! Time to zoom in at all the things Wroclaw has to offer. In this article we give you five reasons why you should visit 2016th Capital of Culture.

Capital of Culture: What is that?

You can find a large amount of different cultures in Europe. To emphasize this multiplicity and to maintain the variety of these cultures, the cultural event ‘European Capital of Culture’ was created with its first edition in 1985. Each year, two countries will be chosen which both may submit a city that has a chance to win the title. Each city has to represent a program of cultural events that will bring their culture to life. On basis of this program the Parliament will choose a Capital of Culture.


Wroclaw arises from the name ‘Wratislaw’. Trough the years, Wroclaw (also known as ‘Breslau’) has become a beautiful city and is even known as one of the most beaufitul cities in Poland.Although the city is less known than Warsaw of Krakow, Wroclaw is a city to fall in love with. To convey this to foreign visitors, the city will use the name ‘Vrots-Love’ in 2016. An apt name you will remember (and pronounce) easily.

5 Reasons to visit Wroclaw

There are plenty of reasons to visit the new city of culture. Wroclaw obviously offers many cultural attractions. We have made up a list with sights you definitely have to visit.

  1. Rynek Glowny

Also called ‘Marked Square’. Visit this huge square and surround yourself with the colourful houses with beautiful facades. Also the thirteenth-century Gothic city hall at the middle of the square will definitely leave a good impression.

  1. Cathedral Chrzciciel Jan (John the Baptist)

This cathedral, build in Gothic style, has towers that rise above the buildings of Wroclaw, making them an impressive part of the skyline.

  1. ‘Venice of the North’

The Odra River is a 854 kilometres long river where Wroclaw owes its name ‘Venice of the North’ to. Not only the city is situated on both banks of the river, it is also divided over 12 islands which are connected by 130 bridges.

  1. Hala Stulecia

Hala Stulecia is an eventhall designed by Max Berg. This building is considered as his most special design and is since 2006 even adaptes to the Unesco World Heritage List.

  1. The Gnomes of Wroclaw

The Gnomes of Wroclaw, which are distributed in a large number of 250 throughout the whole city. At first glance, these figures seem just simple decoration, but the underlying idea of these gnomes is more profound and goes back to the time of Communism.

Besides these attractions the city offers many more exciting activities. There are also many cafes and restaurants where you can get acquainted with the Polish cuisine.

Bring us a visit!

Altogether Wroclaw is a beautiful city that is really worth visiting. And if you do not fancy a stay in the city, you are very welcome at Palac Jugowice! The beautiful surroundings will make you relax completely and you can even enjoy our Spa and Welness to amplify that feeling. Have a look at what our hotel has to offer.

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