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10 Years Pollux

With a group of 18 people, a large contingent of the Dutch team departed from Roosendaal to Poland, to celebrate the 10 Year jubilee of Pollux. For a number of colleagues a new experience, for others a trip to the country of birth. From Eindhoven the plane was taken to Wroclaw. The moment the plane landed the party could really get started!

A warm welcome

Directly outside the airport there was a chauffeur waiting with a mini-bus which drove us in an hour to Jugowice. Upon arrival at Hotel Palac Jugowice was the reception extremely warm. With champagne and a snack the kick off was immediately a festive one. All this in the theme of 10 Years Pollux! The beautiful hotel made the atmosphere even better. The fantastic rooms, the atmospheric community areas and the decorations (to which a lot of attention had been paid). All this together made everyone enthusiastic. Even more so when the colleagues, of the Polish office, trickled in was the atmosphere even more festive.

Perfectly organized

The staff of the hotel did everything in their power to please the guests. The dinner on the Friday evening was fantastic. Afterwards the feast really got started. A nice vodka tasting session, a fire show and a friendly DJ made the evening complete.

The next morning was it also obvious that everything had been perfectly organized. During the breakfast buffet was everyone able to slowly awaken. A busy program was organized. Despite the fact that the party went on into the early hours, everyone was sitting at the early breakfast table. The group was split into two. While the one group got into the Jeeps which stood ready to explore the surrounding area in a special way, the other group was brought to the Walim mines for a treasure hunt and an impressive guided tour.

Explosive end

At about noon the first part of the activities were completed and the hotel catered for a lunch on location. This was also perfectly arranged. After this the activities were exchanged and about 16:00 was everyone back at the hotel. The rest of the afternoon was everyone left to do as they pleased.

After once again a fantastic dinner was it time for the closing festivities. Everything had been done to make it an explosive end, literally and figuratively. A super speech by the Pollux directors was given a respective response by everyone present. The Polish staff warmed up the party with their version of the Eurovision song festival entry of 2014, Donatan & Cleo – My Słowianie. The photo booth was also a source of great hilarity. In the end the fireworks display made the evening, but even more so the whole weekend complete!

The next morning, filled with a lot of different impressions, the return journey home got underway. Tired but very contented could one look back on a fantastic weekend.

Compliments to the staff of Palac Jugowice. Everyone has worked very hard to make the 10 year Pollux jubilee weekend unforgettable and for this our heartfelt thanks.